Ch 1

v 3 The fortieth year. What is so special about the number 40?

v 21 When God gives us a command, don’t hesitate; we have God with us, how can we fail?

v 22-29 When we rely on ourselves and not God, we will fail in the end.

v 32 The Lord can do the most amazing miracles, and people will still not trust in His power. Same with us; we will often forget what God has done for us in the times of trouble.

v 41 God’s will cannot be changed.

Ch 2

v 30 God can make people’s spirit stubborn and heart obstinate; does that apply to today too?Are there people who cannot be saved?

v 34 No survivors, because those people did not know God and were not meant to know God.

Ch 3

– God gave the Israelites total victory over whoever they had fought.

– Moses already could not enter the Promised Land, but he asked God and God let him see it.

Ch 4

v 6-8 We need to follow commands, so that when others see they will praise God and know that we serve God.

v 9-14 Never forget what God has done for me, all the miracles He has done and will do.

v 15-19 Do not place anything before God; do not worship anything other than God, like people, animals. or the sun, moon, stars.

v 20 The Lord keeps His promises.

v 24 God is a jealous God.

v 29 If you really seek God with all your heart and soul, you will find Him; He will reveal Himself to you.

v 30-31 No matter how far we fall away from God, if we come back and repent, God will forgive. Of course, once I have accepted Christ, how could I continue to sin intentionally?

v 32-37 God has already done so many miracles that were unnecessary so that the people may believe. God loves us, each and everyone of us. He places so many miracles in our lives that He didn’t have to give to us, but are there so that we may see God’s power and praise Him.

v 39-40 There is a God, and He loves me and you. FOllow His commands and live your life for Christ.

v 41 Back in numbers, wasn’t it 6 cities of refuge? Here it only says 3 cities. (Numbers 35:6)

v 44-45 Introduction into the ten commandments

Ch 5

v 3 Many people make the same mistake; they think that God’s commands were for the people in the past, not in the present; they believe the Bible is out of date. Moses clearly states that the law applies to those of us who are alive here today.

v 6-21 Ten commandments:

1. I am the Lord your God… you shall have no other gods before me. (v6-7)

– God is almighty, He is powerful, and He is reminding us that He is the one and only God there is.

2. Do not make idols, for God is a jealous God. (v 8-10)

– An idol is not just something you worship; anything in your life that takes priority over God is an idol. School, work, life, friends.

3. Do not misuse God’s name (v 11)

– Cursing God is a way of misusing His name, but there are other ways that are less obvious; using God’s name for your own purposes, using God’s name to harm others, using God’s name as an excuse.

4. Keep the Sabbath day holy. (v 12-15)

– Set aside time for God. Being busy is no excuse when God should be our lives, not a part of it.

5. Honor your father and mother (v 16)

– God only gives us one father and one mother in our life on Earth. Treasure them!

6. Do not murder (v 17)

– Not only do you not kill others, but if you hate them and murder them in your mind, you are already commiting murder and sinning.

7. Do not commit adultery (v 18)

– (I’m writing towards men, because I am a man)Besides the fact of not sleeping with anyone other than your wife, this also includes lusting after other women in your mind. If she is not your wife, what right do you have in enjoying the pleasures of sex? Our society nowadays promotes sex everywhere, and it really takes away all the sacredness of sex. Keep it within your marriage, and do not lust after women.

8. Do not steal (v 19)

– Just don’t steal. What others got through hard work, you are taking from them. Is there no shame? We can be more lenient with those who do not know Christ, because they just don’t understand; but, if you have already accepted Christ as your Savior, how can you steal without feeling guilty? Why and for what reason did Christ die for us?

9. Do not give false testimony (v 20)

– Don’t lie. Even in some situations where lying would seem to be better, most likely it would not be better, but would instead break the trust between you and that person when the truth is out. In the same way persecution for Christians is on the rise, and when the day comes where being Christian means death, would we be able to stand up for our faith and not denounce Christ? We will never know until the moment comes.

10. Do not be jealous of others ( v 21)

– Many times we do not have something that others have, and we desire it. Don’t become envious. God has given to each and everyone of us a uniqueness so that no two people on this earth could ever be truely identical; we all have our own special gifts and talents, they are all the same, to bring God all the glory and praise. Do not desire the things of this world, because they are only temporary and will pass away.


v 27 The Israelites humble themselves. In the same way, we need to humble ourselves toward God; which one of us can boast of our own strengths, when they all come from the Lord?

v 32-33 The path of us Christians is a very difficult road to stay on. It is very easy to turn away from God. Pray, ask God to give you strength and guidance; do not rely on yourself, do not ever forget the way God has changed your life. Stay on this road with God and true blessings and happiness will be yours.

Ch 6

v 2 Life in Christ is genuine, not the false, selfish lives that we lived beforehand.

v 3 God has already blessed many, such as this nation, so much, that they had forgotten Who brought them to this point in the first place.

v 4 There is only one God; The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three in one.

v 5 Love God! What else can we do for the One who loves unconditionally?

v 6-9 Actively seek to obey God’s commands; Teach them to your children, to others, live the commands out so that others may see and praise God.

v 10-12 Never forget God, Who has brought you up to this point in your life. All your wealth, all your accomplishments, they are from God.

v 13-15 Live for Christ, and Christ alone.

v 16 Do not test God.

v 20-25 When our children and others ask us why we live the way we do, in obeying God’s commands, let them know about God, Who loves all equally.

Ch 7

v 1 God would deliver to Israel victory over seven other nations that were all larger and stronger than them; This is impossible by man alone, even when gauging the percentage of victory with science and worldly reasoning. Only God can accomplish the impossible, trust in Him.

v 2-6 God commands the Israelites to completely destroy the other nations: All the citizens, all their idols; To us people, this act seems to be so evil, “Why kill the women and children too?” But we must remember just how much God hates sin. The nations apart from the Israelites were so wicked and apart from God that even being with them will weaken the Israelite’s faith in God. In the same way, we cannot continue sinning in any part of our lives, no matter how insignificant the sin may seem. Because all sin is the same in God’s eyes, and all sin leads to death.

v 7-8 God chose the Israelites not because they were the strongest of all nations( they were actually the least number of people) but because of the promise He had made to their forefathers. The promise of a Savior that would come through them and crush the head of the serpent.; God keeps His promises, you can be sure of that.

v 9 God is God, He is faithful and will always be. Obey His commands, not because we are required to, but because God loved us first. God has no reason to love us!

v 10 Those who reject God will be destroyed when the Final Judgement comes.

v 11 Obey the commands.

v 12-15 Does this apply today? Probably not material-wise. Those who love God and follow His commands will prosper, not necessariy with wealth, but knowledge. Wisdom is worth far more than anything this earth can offer.

v 16 The Israelites are to show no mercy to the other nations.; In the same way, we are to show no mercy to sin in any part of our lives, no matter how big or small.

v 17-24 God reminds the Israelites again to trust in Him. God will deliver the nations into the Israelites’ hands, but not all at once because “the wild animals will multiply around you. (v 22) ” In the same way, God will remind us time and time again to trust in Him, because us, being so imperfect, fall away from God if we become idle for even a moment. God has a plan for you, but does not reveal it all at once because we would then be so overburdened.

v 25-26 Anything that is keeping you from worshiping God with all your heart, destroy it; That idol, no matter how small it seems, can turn you away from God.

Ch 8

v 1 Obey God’s commands, live for Him; Really, my life has changed drastically so since accepting Christ.

v 2-4 In the same way God leads the Israelites around the desert for forty years so they may learn to rely on God alone, while being tested; God will put us through trials, so that we may learn to rely on God’s strength alone, testing that would we remain faithful even during the hard times.

“…man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.” (v 3)

v 5 We are God’s children, and as Father, God disciplines us so that we may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

v 10-14 Thank God for everything you own, when you prosper, thank God. Otherwise, we will become proud and fall away from God.

v 15-16 Never forget the miracles God has done for you.

v 17-18 God gave us these talents and gifts, God has given you everything that you own. Do not become prideful in thinking you did those things, but that God gave you everything so that He may be glorified.

v 19-20 If we forget God and chase after other idols, we will be destroyed.

Ch 9

v 4-6 The Israelites were not saved because they were righteous, but because of the promise God made to their forefathers.; In the same way, we are never saved because of what we do, but by what God has done for us; He died for our sins.

v 13-14, v 19-20God  can have His mind changed?

v 11 and v 18 Did Moses not eat for a total of 80 days?

Ch 10

v 12-13 God asks us to love Him, follow His ways, and serve Him with all our hearts.; Obey His commands.

v 14-15 God doesn’t need us, yet He loves us.

v 16 Give your heart to God.

Ch 11

v 2-7, v 19-21 Our children are not the ones that have seen God’s glory; we have to be the examples for them, guide them. Teach them God’s commands, so our children may be blessed.

v 14 Jesus, bring the rain!

v 18 Truely, take God’s words to your heart.

v 26-28 God’s promise can be a blessing to those who accept, or a curse for those who won’t.

v 32 Obey the commands God has given to you.

Ch 12

v 9 We are not in heaven yet, why are we so relaxed? Wake up, and do God’s will.

v 16, 23-24 Do not eat the blood, because the blood is the life.

v 32 Do not add or take away from God’s commands; His words.

Ch 13

v 1-4 Just because someone can predict the future does not mean they are from God. If anyone says to worship any other god besides God Himself is a false prophet, do not be misled by them.

v 5,9,15-16 If anyone tried to lead any of the Israelites away from God, then they were to be put to death; In the same way, anything in our lives that are leading us away from God, stop associating with them.

Ch 14

v 3 Why were those things detestable?

v 8 We eat pork all the time today, is that bad?

v 10 Squid, Octopus, why are things without scales or fins unclean?

v 12-18 A list of birds that you cannot eat.

-Its interesting to note that a bat is considered a bird.

v 19-20 Any flying insect that swarm are not clean to eat; locusts swarm, but are full of protein?

v 21  Why could aliens eat the things already dead?; In the same way we should not eat blood because it gives life, we should not cook a goat in its mother’s milk because that is what gave the young goat life.

Ch 15

v 4 If read literally, this could be used to argue for Communism.

v 7-10 When giving, give freely; your motivation, if out of love, why think twice? God sees what you have done, and the motivation behind it too.

v 12 The servant is not to be set free on the year for canceling debts, but after he/she has served you already for six years.

v 16-17 In the same way, those of us who love Christ and want to stay with Him forever, He gives us the Holy Spirit.

v 21 God only accepts perfect sacrifices; Jesus is the eternal, sinless, perfect sacrifice for us.

Ch 16

Abib- First month of the Israelite year.

v 3 The feast of unleavened bread is to remind the Israelites of what the Lord has done.

v 9-10 Is this the time when the grain will ripen? 7 weeks?

v 14 Anyone is invited to these feasts; in the same way, when we celebrate the Lord, anyone is invited!

v 19-20 If we accept a bribe, even the smallest one, it will become a habit. Stay righteous, follow justice.

v 21-22 These verses seem to go with the next chapter; how did they determine the verses and chapters?

Ch 17

v 1 Give the Lord your best.

v 6 What if the witnesses were corrupt?

v 8-10 When you don’t understand, lift it up to God; When He answers, be sure to follow His commands.

v 12 If a fellow brother or sister rebuke you, think twice before becoming angry; is their rebuke for themselves, or for you?

v 17 Didn’t many of the kings in the Bible have many wives? They were very rich too, or does this verse mean something else?

Ch 18

v 1-2 Do the Levites exist today? Are they now the  pastors of our church today?

v 9 When we go to places where the knowledge of Christ is not known or kept, be careful not to learn their ways.

v 15 Who is the prophet? The prophet is not Jesus (v22)

v 21-22 If anyone preaches anything other than from the Bible, then He is a false prophet.

Ch 19

v 2-3 Cities of refuge; what does this mean to us today? That no matter how much we sin, once we come to accept Christ we are saved? Does the three parts mean anything?

v 4 In the same way, we sinned unintentionally before we came to know Christ, and we are forgiven once we come to know Christ.

v 9 Here’s the other three cities; this answers my question back then.

v 11 Once we have come to know Christ, but sin intentionally, we will be judged; we are saved, that cannot be taken away, but God can still punish.

v 14 What does this verse mean?

v 15 In the same way, one man cannot testify for Jesus, but many can; God can.

v 21 How does this apply today?

Ch 20

v 1-4 Against all odds, never be afraid; the Lord our God is on our side, how can we lose? Constantly remind ourselves.

v 5-9 In the same way, we have to be able to give everything up for the Lord; if we are not ready to give everything up, how can we truely follow Him?

v 10-11 God is also giving us a choice, to serve Him or to perish.

v 14 How come here the women and children are allowed to live? Because this is not one of the cities of the nations God was giving the Israelites.

v 16-18 Anything in your life keeping you away from God, get rid of them.

v 19 When you have gotten rid of the things keeping you away from God, if it helps you grow in your relationship with God, then use it.

Ch 21

v 3-4 The heifer is the perfect scapegoat. In the same way, Jesus was the sinless sacrifice for our sins.

v 5-7 Is this foreshadowing the time when the Pharisees and Jews crucify Jesus, then say they had no part in it?

v 11 God is allowing the Israelites to just marry because the women is beautiful?

v 12-13 She has to first shave her head and trim her nails. Maybe this means that you have to really love her, not because of her beauty, to marry her. Living with your wife-to-be one month in your house; what a trial that would be.

v 14 She is your wife, love and treat her as your wife, not as a captive.

v 15 If a man has two wives? What is it about the firstborn that is so important?

v 16-21 This is very different from the parable of the lost son.

Ch 22

v 1-4 If you find what is not yours, then return it to its rightful owner.

v 5 God created man and woman each with their own seperate roles. Do not reverse them.

v 6-7 Do not be greedy and try to receive everything at once, which results in little gain; take it slow, little by little, and the reward will be great in the end.

v 8 What does this verse mean?

v 9-11 Do not try and live for God while living for something else.

v 19 The wife still has to be married to this husband?

v 21 Sex outside of marriage is sinful

v 22 Adultery is sin

v 23-29 Rape is sin, silence is sin too

v 30 Marriage within the family is sin

v 13-30 The Israelites had such strict laws otherwise the righteousness among the people would be compromised.

Ch 23

emasculated- losing the testicles.

v 1 What does this verse mean? Does it apply today?

v 2 A forbidden marriage is most likely one without God in the center, and the wickedness would continue down through the generations.

v 7 Do not hate those who have persecuted you.

v 9 All the time, in this battle against the enemy (satan) keep yourself away from impurity, stay with God.

v 10-14 While these commands are good for hygiene, they are also commanding the Israelites that when they sin either intentionally or unintentionally, to repent and come back to God. God is always with us and will guide those who love Him.

v 15-16 What do these verses mean?

v 17-18 Does that mean a non-Israelite can become a shrine prostitute? The Lord detests sin. Do not offer to Him money made through sin.

v 19 Freely lend without wanting something in return; give with a loving heart, not one set out for profit, but one that cares for the well-being of the brother or sister.

v 21-23 Don’t promise God things that you are not sure to do, because that is sin. Best is to refrain from making a promise. In the same way, do not promise something to someone else that you may not be able to keep, because you will be sinnning against that person. Best is to not make a promise, but do so through action.

v 24-25 It is alright to steal food if starving, but anything beyond what is needed is stealing.

Ch 24

v 5 Would we also be able to spend a year with our wife once we get married (no work)?

v 6 Its like taking a mechanic’s tools as compensation; don’t take away their way of making a living.

v 10 maybe to stop yourself from being tempted to judge the other on how fast he paid back his loan.

v 12-13 It is better to not get the loan back than to take a necessity from a poor man.

v 14-15 Do not take advantage of the poor in wages.

v 16 We our judged for our own actions, not the actions of others.

v 17 Do not take advantage of the helpless.

v 19-21 Give to the poor.

Ch 25

v 3 Why is 40 lashes the maximum? But that is a lot.

v 4 Do not be stingy toward those who work for you.

v 5 In today’s society, it would be bad to marry your dead brother’s wife.

v 7-10 Marrying your brother’s widow is a serious requirement. To not care for your brother’s wife when he passes away is not good.

v 11-12 This verse I do not understand; I found it quite humorous, but also a bit scary.

v 13-16 Do not live a double life; do not live for God, while living in sin.

v 17-19 Those who persecute the Christians; when the day of Judgment comes, they will be wiped away from the earth.

Ch 26

v 1-11 Never forget Who has brought you this far, all the blessings you have received, and have yet to receive, from God. Thank Him, Praise Him, and Worship Him for Who He is.

v 16 To observe God’s commands with all our hearts and soul.

v 17 This is what it means to accept Christ; that we will walk in His ways, keep His commands, and obey Him.

v 18-19 God has promised us so much, never forget.

Ch 27

v 1-4 What is the plaster for?

v 5 The Israelites were to not use any iron tools. Why?

v 8 How did the Israelites write on the stones without iron tools?

v 15-26 A long list of curses for those who don’t follow the law.

Ch 28

v 1-14 God promising the blessings the Israelites will receive if they obey Him.

v 15-68 A list of curses that will happen if the Israelites do not obey God.

Ch 29

v 2-6 Though the Israelites have experienced God’s miracles in Egypt and surviving in the desert for forty years, they still could not understand God.

– God has done so many miracles in my life, has blessed me so much; yet, I still forget day after day. He has to constantly remind me, and I’m really thankful for a Father that would be patient enough to to that for me.

v 7-8 The Israelites defeated armies much larger than them by God’s strength.

– When I’m up against the impossible, I should not be afraid. God has given me strength to do what I thought was impossible before, why wouldn’t He give it again?

v 9-15 Moses is telling the Israelites to obey God so that they may prosper.

– When I accepted Christ, I accepted to follow Him for the rest of my days. Am I obeying His commands all the time?

v 16-18 Moses is warning the Israelites to not make idols.

– God detests idols, anything I’ve placed in my life above Him. I’m glad he lets me know when I am doing this though, even if it may be harsh.

v 19-21 Moses warns the Israelites that a man who worship idols and still thinks he will receive God’s blessings will be cursed.

– I need to be careful and realize that I cannot chase after both God and whatever else I may chase after. I can only serve one God.

v 22-28 Moses warns the Israelites what will happen if they abandon the covenant with God.

– If we accept Christ but choose not to follow Him, we cannot lose our salvation; but God can still punish us, humble us, while we are living on earth.

– Stick to God’s command.

v 29 There are so many mysteries that man can never solve, but the things that are revealed to us will stay with us forever, so that we may continue to grow in our relationship with God.

– There are so many things I don’t understand, but as I continue to read the Word and pray, God continues to reveal new things day after day to me. Thank You God!

Ch 30

v 1-3 The Lord forgives those who repent.

v 4-6 Even if the Israelites were banished to the most distant land from the heavens, God will bring them back if they return back to Him and obey Him with all their heart and soul. They will be more blessed than their forefathers, and then God will purify the hearts of the Israelites, and their descendants.

– What is the most distant land from the heavens?

– How will the Israelites have their hearts purified?

– No matter how far I fall away from God He will still always be there with open arms to welcome me back. Thank You God.

v 7 The enemies of the Israelites will be cursed.

– This doesn’t apply today? That the enemies of God’s people will be cursed?

v 8-10 Pretty much the same thing as v 1-3, that the Lord will make the Israelites who come back to Him prosperous if they just obey Him.

v 11-14 God’s command to us is very simple; we do not have to go to heaven to find it, nor spend our whole lives searching for it because God’s command is right in front of us; it is given to us through the Bible.

v 15-16 The Israelites have heard God’s commands, and it could either be a message of blessings, or a message of curses, depending on what the Israelites choose to do.

– If the Israelites choose to love the Lord and obey Him, they will be blessed (v 16)

v 17-18 If the Israelites turn to other gods and worship them, they will be destroyed. This is the curse.

v 19-20 All the Israelites have just heard God’s command, and now they are left with the choice of obeying or not obeying, and they will be held accountable for their actions.

– Those who have heard the Gospel know God’s command for them; it is ultimately left up to them to choose whether to obey or not.

Ch 31

v 1-6 This is basically Moses’ farewell speech to the Israelites, and passing the leadership to Joshua. He reminds the people what God will do for them in the Promised Land, to not be afraid.

v 6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

– Be bold, be strong; God will never leave me, He will never forsake His promises, and there is none greater than God. Why should I be afraid?

v 7-8 Moses tells Joshua that he will be the one to lead the Israelites.

v 9-12 Every seven years the priests of Levi have to read the law to all the Israelites.

– This is to constantly remind them of all the laws.

– I need to always be reminded of Who I am following, Who I am serving, and Why I follow God. Thankfully, God always reminds me!

v 13 Children are too young to understand the Word of God. We need follow God ourselves and be a good example for them.

v 14 God tells Moses that he will be dieing soon.

– How does it feel to have someone tell you that? Moses was probably happy, because then he could be with the Lord.

v 15-18 God tells Moses and Joshua about what will happen to the Israelites after they enter the Promised Land; they will become wicked and worship other gods. When they do, God will bring many disasters on them and hide Himself away from them.

– When I forget about God and begin pursuing the pleasures of my flesh, it feels as God has left me; in reality, God has never left me but I was the one that always fell away from Him. I need God, I need to talk to Him, and I need to live for Him and Him alone.

v 19-22 God teaches the Israelites a song that will testify against them when they fall away from God.

– God knows that I am a sinner, and I will sin. He constantly has to remind me through His Word that I am a sinner and that I need to repent.

v 23 God gives Joshua command.

v 24 Is this the books of the Bible that Moses wrote?

v 25-29 Moses speaks to the Levites about what is to come, then commands them to call all the leaders of Israel to come before him.

v 30 Moses begins to recite the song that God commands him to give to the Israelites.

Ch 32

v 1-2 Moses is giving God’s song to the Israelites.

-The Word of God is nourishment to my body and soul, whenever I really come forward and read it, God speaks to me, and calms me.

v 3-4 Is about how God is so great, He is perfect and just. He is always faithful, can never sin.

– Who else am I living for? Who else should I be putting my trust into? I will put my trust in the Just God, in the Perfect God, in the God Who has and will never ever fail me!

Please God, I want to live for You and You alone. Get rid of the hinderances that are keeping me from following You with my whole heart.

v 5-6 This part of the song fortells the Israelites becoming wicked and falling away from God. It reminds them that God is our Father, Who created us.

– I fall away so many times in that I often forget Who God and Who gave me this life. I really am foolish and unwise.

God, please give me wisdom, give me knowledge, and hammer it in my heart that You created me; that You saved me!

v 7-14 God blessing the Israelites.

v 15-18 The Israelites falling away from God.

Jeshurun- the beloved one, refering to Israel.

– God has already blessed me with so much, and yet I continue to forget and chase after other things. God, give me focus; God, please give me discipline so I can follow you with my whole heart.

v 19-26 God becomes angry with the Israelites and brings curses upon them.

– God tests me many times by pulling away from me, during times when it seems He has abandoned me; yet, God has and will never abandon me, but is testing me and maturing me. Thank You God.

v 27-35 The enemies of the Israelites will misunderstand God punishing the Israelites as their triumph. They will be punished in the end, God has promised them that.

– Even today, the people who persecute Christians believe they are doing right; they will be judged in the end times.

v 36-43 When the Israelites have nothing left, God will come and lift them up.

– In my life God has brought me to the bottom, where there is nowhere else to turn to. In those times, when there is almost no hope left, God lifts me up and saves me. God does this so I know that it is not by my own strength I can live, but by Him.

v 44-48 Moses, with Joshua, finishes reciting this song to the Israelites and tells them to take it to heart. The Israelites will then be blessed and live long.

– I need to take God’s law into my heart, take His commands and obey them.

v 48 -52 God tells Moses where he is going to die.

– How was Moses feeling right here?

Ch 33

v 1 Moses blessings the tribes before he died..

v 2-6 Moses blesses the Israelites.

v 7 Moses blesses Judah

v 8-11 Moses blesses the Levites.

v 12 Moses blessed Benjamin.

v 13-17 Moses blesses the descendants of Joseph.

v 18-19 Moses blesses the descendants of Zebulun.

v 20-21 Moses blesses the descendants of Gad.

v 22 Moses blesses the descendants of Dan.

v 23 Moses blesses the descendants of Naphtali.

v 24-25 Moses blesses the descendants of Asher.

v 26-29 Moses praises God.

– This is Moses last speech to all the tribes, it must have been very emotional.

“The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

– There is none like God. He is my refuge forever. How blessed am I, to receive this grace from God? His arms catch me when I fall, and lift me up. Thank You, God.

Ch 34

v 1-4 God shows Moses the Promised Land on top of Mount Nebo.

v 5-7 Moses, even though he was old, was still very strong and healthy. He died, but no one knows where Moses’ grave is.

– Moses may not have died an earthly death, but God took him up to heaven.

v 8 The Israelites grieved for a period of 30 days.

v 9 Joshua was filled with the Holy Spirit, and was transferred leadership.

v 10-12 Since then there has been no prophet like Moses, Who God talked to face to face.