Ch 14

v 1 Live for Christ, and grow in the spiritual gifts and talents He gave you so He may be glorified before men.

v 5 Being able to preach to believers is a great gift, but even greater if we could interpret God’s word for those who do not know Him.

v 6 If we speak to unbelievers about a Love they have not experienced yet, how can the understand besides by Divine intervention?

v 12 Let us burn with a passion to grow in our Spiritual gifts so God may be glorified.

Ch 15

v 9-10 Humble yourself, for it is by God you are blessed; Our talents and gifts were God-given, let no one boast.

v 12-19 What if Christ never resurrected? Then our faith would be meaningless; Paul preaching the Gospel yields him no gain, why would he lie?

v 22 Adam, death; Christ, live

v 33 Don’t hang around with the wicked, their ways will effect you

v 47 Jesus is Lord.

Ch 16

v 2 Try to give up something every week for the Lord; set aside quiet time with God.

v 13 Be strong, brave, and stand your ground.

v 14 Every action be done with love, our lives be lived wholly with Love.