Looking back on this post, it seems almost supernatural what happened here. God, was the love for You real?


. Hey! Many amazing things happened on friday! One thing was I was able to devote time in the morning to God again. The last time I did was over 2 months ago! Really, praise God! A new school semester starts tomorrow for me, so please pray for me! I want to be consistent in time with God, I want to know Him more!

. When I go to church, I take 2 buses (praise God!), and it takes about an hour. I was waiting at the first bus, just standing there, and there was another person standing there. I felt God tugging at my heart to go talk to this person, but I’m a shy guy so I didn’t want to. I stood there telling God, “No, I don’t feel like it right now.” The next moment, this guy walks up to me and starts talking to me! His name is Nate. He asked if I wanted to buy some reggae music cds, and I told him that I only had enough for the bus fare. (This was a lie, it just came out of my mouth automatically) We started talking about music, and what kind of genre of music we like. He asked me what kind of music I liked, and I said Christian music. He surprised me and told me that he was Christian! (I should not judge people by appearance) He glorifies God by praising Him with reggae music! This is really awesome, I told him, because I am also a musician for God! My bus came, and he wasn’t getting on this bus, so we said goodbye. I felt God at that moment taught me to don’t hesitate when He calls on us. That was the first person I talked to that night.

. I got to the second bus stop, and I looked at the time on my phone. I got there pretty early! Maybe I would be able to get to church even faster. There was one guy waiting at the bus stop, and he had a bike. While I was standing there waiting, I again felt God telling me to talk to this person, and again, I said no. I was afraid of failure. I told myself that I didn’t need to talk to this person because the bus was scheduled to come really soon. Thirty minutes passed, and the bus still did not come. I couldn’t believe it! The bus missed its time! The guy sitting next to his bike checked the time on his phone, and he looked impatient. At this point I asked God for strength, courage, and wisdom in talking to this person. I walked up to him, and we started off the conversation by talking about the late bus. His name is Oscar. We talked a lot more, about where he lived, what he was doing right now. He was waiting to take the bus to go to his uncle’s place, so he could work tomorrow. He then asked me where I was heading, and I told him that I was going to my church’s friday night fellowship. The next thing he told me really woke me up. He smiled, and then told me that today, on the friday we were talking, was the one year anniversary of when he should have died. Amazed, I asked him why is that. He used to work as a mechanic, fixing up cars, so he lies on the ground a lot while doing maintenance. On that day while he was lying on the ground, a large and heavy 40-inch tire ran over his stomach. Normally, you would expect a person to be crushed by such a large thing, but he told me then that he made it out with barely any injuries. From that day on, he believed that there is a God, and God spared his life on that day. It was so amazing! He told me that he wanted to go to a church today and thank God, but it was already almost time for his last bus to leave. I asked him that anytime he wanted, he would be welcome to come to my church, and he asked and got my phone number. His service was not on at that moment, so he couldn’t make a call. He told me that he shares a phone plan with his friend, but his friend had other bills to pay first so couldn’t pay the phone bill at the moment, so the service was temporarily cut off.

. The bus then came, and we got on and continued talking. He told me a lot about his life, that he came from Mexico three and a half years ago. He now lives with his mother and many siblings. He also told me that while he was going to school, his favorite subject was math. He went from the lowest level of math all the way to geometry, but then he was kicked out of his school because he was arguing with another student, and the teachers thought they were fighting. He told me they didn’t even fight at all, just arguing, but that after he was kicked out of high school he never went back to school. Instead, his friend owns a recycling center, and he is the manager there. I told him that it is never too late to go back to school, but he says that he likes working now better than school. At the recycling place, he told me he came up with a method to filter out the bottles filled with dirt or water, so that they were not cheated out of money. He also told me that he knows exactly how much a basket of cans weigh by lifting it up! I asked him if there was anything he was looking forward to later in life, and he told me not much. I really wanted to talk to him more about Jesus and why we were created, but his stop came up. We said our goodbyes, and he said that he would call me when he got the chance. After he left, I didn’t really know what to do. I prayed for him, then later on some brothers at my church also prayed for him.

. God taught me today to not hesitate when He calls on me. He was already telling me this through Nate, when he actually walked up to me first. He also reminded me again in the short, but blessed, time in talking to Oscar. I really regret not talking to Oscar right away, we could have talked so much more! I could have told him more about our God, and Jesus Christ. I’ll be waiting for his phone call, but until then, please continue to pray for him. Pray that he will come to know God; know the God who loves us, who protects us, and who wants us to know Him personally! Also please pray for me, as well as for yourselves; that God would give us a heart for the lost, a heart for the needy, a heart for the broken. That we would not be hesitant when God calls on us, but that we would overcome our selfishness and go and bless others.

. Thank You God, thank You for reminding me again that You are a true and living God. There is none like you, and I want to be Your good, and faithful servant. Keep me on the narrow path that is You, and that whenever I stray from it, Lord, please bring me back. Thank You God, thank You!

God Bless You,

– Joshua Wu