“Who Are You?”

To the One I adore:

Who are You?
You are an Angel
Gentle, Kind, and Beautiful
created by God
to help man in his time of need.
Just before darkness
would have engulfed
all of me,
You, the Ray of Light
guided me to safety.
You came into my life
and saved me.

Who are You?
You are a Demon
Gentle, Kind, and Beautiful
created by the desire
born out of my own evil heart;
where the darkness had failed
You succeeded.
i gave You
all of me.
You, the all-consuming Passion
brought me to death’s door.
You became my life
and ruined me.

Praise God!
It was through You
I had come to know Christ,
Who is
the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
The old me has passed away,
and I have been born again!
Thank You God! Just so much…

So,Who are You?
You are neither
an angel nor a demon;
but You are a Woman
Gentle, Kind, and Beautiful
created in God’s image,
One after His own heart.
When We had first met, I
thought it to be destiny,
just You and me;
Since then God has
opened my eyes and let me see
what true Love can only be.

This love I had once felt
for You
has been awakened again
Oh how fiery my heart burns for You!
but, this time around
my life is in God’s hands;
I pray this passion may be
Controlled, Directed, and Used
to glorify God till the end of days;
For I know that if it is
in God’s plan for me,
then someday
(Hopefully someday soon)
It will be
You and God and Me.

Praise God! Until God lets me know, may my passions be for Him and Him alone!

God bless you,

– Joshua H Wu