Hey everyone! Good morning! How is everyone this morning? Its a very beautiful day outside X]. I hope you guys have been reading God’s word daily! Keep strong, and persevere!

David is writing a Psalm.

v 1-2

The Lord is our refuge; He is our strength. And yet, this narrow path that we chose is a harsh one: we face persecution from all around, the devil does his best to hinder us, we are constantly being tested and refined by God’s hand. Why then, do we seek comfort in God? Because He tells us to trust in Him; believe in His promise throughout all the pain and toils. Trust in God to know what is best for you.

v 3

When we are being broken, how can we still stand? When everything has been lost and everyone you know are gone, how can you still stand strong? Trust in the Lord, just as Job did.

v 4-5

God is watching over all of us, and sees every single person’s hearts and thoughts. He puts both believers and non-believers through trials. Through these trials. either we become stronger and grow in Christ, or we become hindered and weighted down because we did not make the wise choice, which is to give everything up to the Lord. God will judge you according to your decision.

v 6

The wicked are promised hell.

v 7

Our God is a righteous God; He is perfect; He cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He tempt anyone. Be righteous and repent before the Lord, because we have all sinned, and our best can never save us without Jesus laying His life down for us on the cross. Those who seek God will find Him.

God bless you,

– Joshua H Wu