“Do not add to the cross in your life by becoming so busy that you have no time to sit quietly before God.”

This statement is so simple and yet so straightforward in its message; it states what is so obvious, yet so people cannot comprehend. For instance, here’s a quote from what my friend said when I posted this statement on my facebook:

“you could be saying that we cannot meditate on God while we are doing daily tasks.”

Many people these days have become so busy with their daily lives that they forget to spend quality time with God. Sure, you can talk to God while your driving; while your doing homework; anywhere: There is no rule to where and when you can talk to God. But where else can you really devote your full attention, 100% of your focus on God, if not alone and in a quiet place?

Both the quality and quantity of the time spent with God is very important; we should be spending every single second of our lives with Him! But through my experience, it is the time of real devotion to God and God alone that really blesses us; true devotion really lets us examine ourselves in where we are in our walk with Christ. It is through true devotion that we find the most change, because in that moment God knows that we really mean every word we say to Him. Every prayer; every praise; every cry, God hears you. Spend some alone time with Him and really let Him change you from the inside out.

Thank You God!

God bless you,

– Joshua H Wu