Good morning everyone! How is it this morning? Yesterday was very cold! And this is the first time I got around 8 hours of sleep since I started doing devotionals again!

David is writing a Psalm.

v 1-2

Yes God: I want my life to be a life fully of glory for You. I want You exalted Lord, above everything else. Really, what could I ever do to repay You? I can’t. You are so amazing Lord, one cannot express Your love! I will sing of Your love forever; I want to delight in You with every moment of my life!

v 3-6

The enemy may be able to take everything we have away from us; The enemy may be able to make us weak and feeble: but they will never be able to take away God’s promise to us. When Jesus returns, He will judge everyone fairly. Even though those people who live for themselves will enjoy life for now, what about when their names disappear from the world? When everyone who knew them are gone? Or even worse, what about when they are thrown into the lake of fire; who will remember them then? Those who have rebelled against God, you have been warned; repent while you still can.

v 7-8

God reigns forever; He has been here since the beginning, and will be for all of eternity. God has already promised to us that each and everyone of us will be judged for our sins. We cannot attain salvation by good works or by simply being a good person; Jesus is the only way.

v 9-10

Truly God is our refuge in our hard times. During the storms in our lives, God will still be there to lift us up. It is up to you to choose whether to rely on His strength or your own. And if you rely on yourself, even if you succeed, you still fail; by taking pride in overcoming a hardship without God’s guidance, you are missing what God was trying to teach you: to rely on Him and Him alone. He will strike down your pride, you can be sure of it. For those of us who trust in God, there a reason we do; because God knows whats best for us. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5) God will never take back His promise to His people.

v 11-12

Praise God for who He is and what He has done! Really, spread the word of His love to all nations, to all people! If you had found a cure for cancer, wouldn’t you want to let everyone else know? Except salvation is better than a cure for cancer; it is the cure to the eternal death that we will suffer if our sin had not been paid for on that cross. If you have not yet, please, think about God’s promise; repent, and accept Christ as your Lord and Savior. You can be sure God will fulfill His promise someday, why wait?

v 13-14

When persecuted, when you feel defeated, ask God to give you strength; A strength and determination that will show your faith, even through the toughest of persecution. Our hope is in the promise of a Savior, a promise that can save us from hell; let that Hope be our strength!

v 15-17

As the people who reject Christ grow to hate Him more, they are actually digging their own graves. In the end times, when each one of us will be judged, they will be too blinded to see God’s grace anymore. As their hearts grow harder, it will be even more hard for salvation; but remember, anyone who has ever once accepted Christ , salvation cannot be lost. But God will cut down the trees that do not bear fruit; if your not using the talents and gifts God has given to you to serve Him, why should you be able to keep those gifts? He will take them away from you.

v 18

God will never forget about His people, about His promise. He is our Hope, and this hope is very alive and true!

v 19-20

Please God, open the eyes of the lost, let them be able to see that Your promise is real, the time of judgement that is coming is real: so that they may fall down on their knees and repent for their wickedness. May the fear of the Lord save them from eternal death.

God bless you,

– Joshua H Wu