Good morning everyone! How is the morning today? It is very beautiful, and also very cold. Did you guys wake up yet? Yes, if you didn’t wake up then you couldn’t read my post. Hahaha.

David is writing a Psalm.

V 1

Our God is so amazing! His name is known throughout the whole earth. Even though many people do not know Christ, many people do not know God personally, they know there is something out there, a higher being. Something has put us here on earth for a reason. Someone is watching over us, even if we may not know it. God’s glory is shown throughout all of creation, from the deepest of the oceans to the heavens! God really is so amazing: I want to be His good and faithful servant, I want to know Him more. I want His name to be glorified through everything He calls me to do!

V 2

Even through children You are glorified, just in the way you have made them! Not only are each and every person on earth is different, there is no 2 people who are exactly different! Just in the miracle of a new life being born, parents are amazed when their child are born! How their heart beats, how they cry, how they are so innocent from everything in the world! The devil wants us to stumble and fall; the devil wants humans to live lives indulging in sin, so that they will burn in hell. Yet through each new human life that is born, there is one more person that may be saved, come to know God, and defeat the devil’s plans for the child. Praise God!

V 3-4

When we see how amazing God is; came to know His indescribable love for us: just how powerful He is, with the entire earth His own creation: the moon and the stars in the sky, each one placed there by God’s command: What are we, God? Who are we that You still love us so much, care for us so much? We are sinners, we deserve every right to die. God doesn’t even have to save us; He can just wipe us all out from the face of the earth: and yet He still loves us. This love is beyond comprehension, and that is why God is so amazing! Unconditional love is something impossible, but we should ask God to give us a heart of love.

V 5-8

God created us not as powerful angels, but as fragile humans; God did not create us perfect, but as sinful men(and women). But God has given us free-will. Even though we are so insignificant in the eyes of the world, in God’s eyes we are His children. As a father loves and desires the best for his children, and so does God. Don’t give up because You are loved! You are worth more than all the wealth in the world to God; You are priceless. Don’t listen to what the world tells you: that you are not good-looking enough; you are not wealthy enough; you are not high enough in society to be worthy of anything. These are the devil’s lies to want you to fall. Remember, set your eyes only on God; ask Him for wisdom and protection against the devil’s lies.

V 9

How majestic You are, Father! How I want to praise Your name each and every moment of my life; How I want Your name to be glorified on earth, as it is in heaven!

Thank You God for being my strength, being my guidance; and best of all, being just who You are. God is loving, God judges fairly, and He is giving us the gift of salvation. Please accept it with a humble heart. Thank You God!

God bless you,

– Joshua H Wu