I’m putting all of a day’s questions and notes into one post for each book, so I don’t spam my subscribers with questions daily!

Ch 25

– Why are the offerings so specific?

– Why is the instructions for making the sanctuary so specific?

– Gold was and is still valuable, but why is it valuable?

– Do the two cherubim on the cover represent anything?

.  This chapter was pretty confusing, so much detail that I don’t understand!

Ch 26

– Again, why are the rules for making the tabernacle so detailed.

– There are even instructions on making the tent for the tabernacle.

.  These kind of chapters test my patience by fighting the temptation to skim over it.

Ch 27

– What does the oil for the lampstand stand for?

Ch 28

– Does the ehpod represent anything?

– Does the breastpiece represent anything?

– Why does it talk about Aaron when he ministers, but not Moses? Does Moses not have to do any of these things?

These commands are for Aaron and his descendants.

Ch 29

sacred diadem- holy crown.

– Back then when people poured oil on their heads, wouldn’t it feel really weird? Would they have acne problems? How long would they have to wash to get rid of the oil?

– Why were the worship rituals so detailed? My bible’s commentary says it was to prevent problems of belief which could arise from individuals creating their own worship.

– There is such thing as a wave offering, where in v24 and v26 they wave food and the breast of a ram for the Lord.

– v36 They had to sacrifice a bull and 2 lambs each day? Of course, it was all of Israel, but I would imagine that it would be so expensive. Thank You God for Jesus Christ, that by His grace He redeems us of our sins forever.

consecrate- devote; seperate; to be holy; to make perfect.

– Do Aaron’s descendants still serve God as priests? Or were all these rules made null after Christ died for us?

Ch 30

– Are the incense still burning now everyday?

– Does a priest still make an atonement once a year?

– twenty years old or more in v14. Was that the age you were considered an adult back then? Is this altar still there?

– do priests still pour oil on them?

More rules, commands for Aaron and the priests.

Ch 31

– God provides us with our talents and gifts so that we may serve Him with it.

– Keep the Sabbath holy, its good to set a day aside for God so that your spirit may be renewed. If we don’t set aside time for God, we will not be cut off from His people but our lives will stray from Him.

More commands.

Ch 32

– Even Aaron is capable of idol worship

– How could these people be so blind when it comes to God? But I wasn’t there so I do not know how it was like for them.

– The people of Israel actually went to worship false gods and eat and play while Moses was receiving God’s commands.

– God became angry with them.

– Moses came down with the stone tablets with God’s commands

– Joshua wasn’t in the camp? Where was he?

– Moses was so angry that he broke the tablets that he had brought from the mountain.

– It must have been hard to take such a large golden calf and burn it, not including that he also ground it to powder, scattered it in water, and made the Israelites drink it? What?

– Aaron lies to cover up his sins

– Moses command to God’s followers to kill their own brothers and sons were harsh, but it was necessary.

– In v34, when God said He will punish the remaining people later, was it the promise that they would not enter the promised land? Or is this referring to the plague in the next verse, v35?

Ch 33

– Did one angel drive out all those people?

– God doesn’t kid around.

– In v 11 Joshua did not leave the tent, does that mean he could enter?

– Moses has seen God without dieing!

Ch 34

– God writes the two new stone tablets, the old ones Moses broke in Ch 32

– God is giving instructions to Moses to give to Joshua later

– Where have I seen these commands before?

– Moses was with the Lord forty days and forty nights without any food. And water!

– The Ten Commandments were written on these stone tablets

– When Moses talked to God, his face became radiant afterward.

– Moses hid his face with a veil when he was around the Israelites.

Ch 35

– After Jesus came, all these laws are not necessary anymore?

– God gives us talents and gifts so that He may be glorified.

Ch 36

– The people brought more than enough material than required to finish the sanctuary

– What is a sea cow?

Ch 37

– Bezalel made the ark of acacia wood

–  Do the 6 branches on the lamp or 7 lamps have a meaning behind it?

Ch 38

– Why was the altar of burnt offering covered with bronze, not gold like everything else?

– V 21-31 lists the materials used for the tabernacle.

Ch 39

– Why was the priest colors always gold, blue, purple, and scarlet?

– Who are the names of the sons of Israel in v 6?

* They are the 12 tribes of Israel

– The breastpiece must have been very beautiful, with so many different gems!

– The robe of the ephod was made of blue cloth, v 22

*sacred diadem- holy crown. Engraved on it was “Holy to the Lord”

Ch 40

v 34-38 The Glory of the Lord