Hey everyone! How is it going? This is the first of my consecutive posts that I have written in the evening! My dad is going back to Taiwan tonight, but he is busy right now. Please pray for his safe flight!

David is writing a Psalm to God.

V 1-2

If we did not have God to rely on when we are weak, then we would surely be torn to pieces by our enemies, but that is not the case. During times of trouble, we can and must take refuge in God.

V 3-5

We may be blamed for something we didn’t do by others, and what should we do in this case? Instead of trying to argue that the other party is lying, trust in God to bring justice.

V 6-8

May God protect us from the enemy. May we be judged by our integrity, or our hearts.

V 9

God is not going to end the violence on earth before Jesus returns, but in Him we can find peace and stand firm.

V 10

God is our hope, our protector. He has already promised salvation to those who repent and accept Jesus!

V 11-13

God has already promised that everyone will be judged righteously. He will not go back on that promise! The final days are near, what are you waiting for?

v 14

The people who reject God will do their best to bring trouble to us believers: but no matter what they do, their so called "success" will only end in hell.

v 15-16

If we brew trouble, sooner or later the trouble will catch up to us and bring us down. If there is any sin or lie now, don’t try and cover it up; most likely it will come out and bite you when you least expect it.

v 17

Praise God for His righteousness, for He is sinless. Praise God for being fair, giving us the chance to repent. Thank You God for who You are.

God bless you,

– Joshua H Wu