Good morning everyone, how is everyone? If you haven’t yet, devote some time of your day to reading the bible and talking with God. Ask Him how you are doing in terms of walking with Him. Lift up your burdens to Him, and you will find comfort in Him.

Authors were the sons of Korah, who were also the temple musicians and assistants.

V 1-3

As a deer needs water in its life to survive, we also need God in our life. v2 I long for my God; my heart is aching inside. When will He free me from the binds of this world? When will I be able to meet my God face to face? While I wonder about these questions, I know that God still has plans for me. There are still many things to do in this world, still so many people to reach out to. If all the believers just decided to go to Heaven right now, then how many souls would be lost in the depths of hell, just because there was no one to tell them the Gospel? Even as I sit here now, going through another trial placed by God before me, tears have streamed down my cheeks. We are human beings created with emotions, even though we know God is sovereign and all-powerful, we still fall into distress. In my case right now, it would be my parents asking me, “Where is your God?” I am majoring in music because I know that is what God has called me to do, my passion for it is unnatural. Yet with nothing at the moment that my mom can deem as “proof”, I am constantly being put down. Am I just crazy? If I did not have God, then I would be a crazy person. To leave everything else behind and just pursue music at a pretty late age. That is what my mother would see from her worldly eyes. Please pray that God would continue to give me strength.

V 4

As we come before God and talk to Him, lifting our burdens, I still think back to all the joyful times at church. At church, I am surrounded by fellow believers of Christ, able to worship God together. At church, with my brother and sisters I am encouraged when I am down. At home, it is the exact opposite; I am surrounded by the family that God has placed in my life, and none of them believe in Christ(or if they do, they surely don’t live like it). I am constantly attacked with stress, with voices telling me that I am doomed to failure. I want to turn to someone, but there is no one to turn to; I don’t want to burden others with my own, they have enough plenty. It is in times like this God strengthens my faith by bringing me back to Him; whether in prayer, a cry of despair, or both, God is constantly molding me into the man that He wants me to become. How I long for a family that finds their strength in the Lord, their hopes and trust in the Lord. How I dream of my family being able to grow stronger under trials, and find comfort together in the Lord. But until then, I’ll continue praying for them and live to glorify God. Please pray for my family, that their spiritual eyes may be opened to see the true worth of our God, of His sacrifice.

v 5-6

Why are we so discouraged by trials, by the attacks of the enemy? Put your hope in God, because He is greater than any other being. He is our Savior. Even through the darkest of trials, I pray that we would still find the strength to praise God. Even though I am shaken; even though things are not going good, I will still remember what God has done for my life. Remember what God has done for us on the cross. Remember that though we deserve every right to die, God chose to give us eternal life.

v 7

I am constantly knocked off my feet by these troubles, yet the Lord will always pick me back up.

v 8

During the joyful times God directs my actions with His love. During the trials, God tests me to trust in Him, to remember His promises.

v 9-10

Why does it seem as if You have deserted me Lord, in the times of trouble? Why do I have to continue and suffer persecution? Even as I live my life for You, those people continue to put me down and say that there is no God. Please constantly remind me of Your love and Your promise.

v 11

Why is my heart so distressed, why do I feel pain in my heart? Even still I will put my trust in my Lord, my Savior and God. In Him I find comfort, and a peace that no amounts of wealth could ever buy.

My friend quoted this chapter of Psalm to me when I was in distress, and it has since then kept me strong. I turn to this chapter and read it whenever I am discouraged, because it reminds me that I should not be discouraged. God is omnipotent, there is none greater than Him.

My life is in You Lord, and it will always be! Please lend me strength God, lend me courage. Guide me, Lord, in this narrow path that we walk together to You. Please continue to mold me, break me, and transform me into the man you want me to become. I want to love like You do!

God bless you,

– Joshua H Wu