. Hey! How is everyone doing this morning? Sleeping? That’s ok, because it is 3am in the morning! God woke me up very (and I mean VERY) early today, and I have been very blessed to be able to read His word!

David is writing a psalm.

V 1-3

When we are down, when we are burdened and out of strength, come before God. Lift up your burdens, God will answer! Many many times in my life while I am bogged down by trials or temptation and my heart hurts so much, I ask God for strength. I ask that He would help me in my time of need, and every time God has kept good His promise to me.

V 4-6

Our God is perfect, He is sinless and hates evil. That is why those who live lives separate from God cannot understand God’s words; they cannot stand hearing God’s word, or being in the presence of those who talk about God. God has sentenced everyone to be judged in the end times for our sins, and those who do not repent and accept Christ’s sacrifice will be rightfully judged.

V 7

Those of us who have come to know and accept Christ will go to heaven. When we get to heaven, what else can we do, but bow at His feet! To see our Lord face to face, the one who created us and loves us, what a day we can look forward to!

V 8

God, please lead us on this narrow path that You have created. When we stumble because of the enemy, guide us back onto the path!

v 9-10

The wicked cannot be trusted. The people who live for themselves, how can they be trusted with anything? They just want to use you for their own selfish desires. Their words may seem gentle, and seem to be filled with love and care. But they are all lies. God will judge those people righteously when the time comes, but we should continue to pray for their salvation. We were also once lost like they were.

v 11-12

Lord, fill us with joy! When we trust in You, take refuge in You, really; What an indescribable love! God protects them, He provides for His people. It may not be with riches and a life of easiness, but it is a life that is filled with happiness beyond compare. God bless the righteous, He will never forsake them.

Thanks for reading! Please continue to keep me accountable, pray that God would renew this passion daily, and make it burn even brighter! Pray for the lost, and rejoice in our Lord!

God bless you,

– Joshua H Wu