.  Good morning to you all! How are you guys doing? I was planning on waking up at 6am, but God made me wake up a bit earlier than that, so I don’t know if I should be thankful at God or angry. I’m just kidding! X] I’m very thankful that God gives me strength to wake up earlier AND get to spend more time with Him. If it was possible, then I’m sure some of us would never sleep so we can delight in the Lord just a bit longer while on earth!

David is writing a Psalm to God.

V 1

. When we are burdened, when we are troubled, we call out to God. Sometimes we think God doesn’t hear us. That is not true! “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.” (Psalm 55:22) God will not let His people fall, but wants us to put our trust in Him and rely on Him. He will bring us out from even the most grim situations so that He may be glorified. When you have burdens, cast them upon the Lord. Ask for His guidance, ask Him for strength, ask Him to help you persevere through the storm, and He will answer you. It is from times of distress that God makes us grow into a person after His own heart, if we overcome the trials.

v 2

. We as humans get stressed when trouble comes our way, and many of us view it as an opportunity to complain to God, blaming Him for the cause of our troubles. He wants us to rely on Him and Him alone, how long will you continue to turn the moment where God can be glorified to where He is instead being used to vent your anger? And there many who turn to things of this world to try and fix their problems; Drugs, smoking, drinking. Others try to run away by wasting their life away in a virtual gaming universe, where they don’t have to think about real life. These people try to trick themselves that everything will be alright as long as you don’t remember. It may be alright for you, but what about your family? What about your friends, your parents, your spouse? Stop being selfish and realize that your actions have many consequences too, its not just your life that your destroying. How long will you continue to live in lies?

V 3

. Once we accept Christ as our Savior and repent of our sins, the Holy Spirit comes upon us. It is proof for our salvation, which is the difference between us and ordinary people. We are all sinners, we all deserve to go to hell the moment we broke any one of God’s laws, but it is because “For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) Again, He hears us when we call Him because we are His children.

v 4

. When we become angry, we usually tend to want to get back at the person who made us angry, but wait a second. When your mind is able to think better after your anger calms, think about why you are angry. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. “Why would this person be this way; why would this person do this?” Usually after thinking things through, we find that both parties may be at fault, and forgiveness and reconciliation comes.

v 5

. Know when to sacrifice, or when to pass up a chance for instant gratification for greater rewards later on. One example would be a relationship; pass up the chance to become intimate physically and emotionally with any girl/guy when you are not ready for marriage, so that later on you can thank God for keeping your heart and purity for the one you get to spend your life with. If the girl/guy you like right now is the one God has made for you, trust in the Lord to let you know when is the right time, and spend your time now devoted to pursuing God with your whole heart! SIngleness is a gift too!

v 6

. There are those who laugh at those who wait for the greater gifts to come and pass up the temporary pleasures. “Why wait? You have no evidence or reason to believe in God’s promises!” We have every reason to believe in God, believe in His Son Jesus, because what reason do we have to stay on this earth? Why not just end your life right now, because after you die there is nothing anyway. No! We have a God, there is a Savior, and He has created us to know Him intimately!

Lord, please open the spiritual eyes of the lost, so that they may see past all of Satan’s lies and could see You for who You are.

v 7-8

. Really, God’s love is Indescribable; It is so amazing! I cannot explain how much joy I feel at this moment; I only pray that you would come and experience God’s love for yourself! This joy is beyond any other joy found on this earth and in the heavens. God loves us unconditionally; He died for us on the cross, even though He had No reason to. At night, I can sleep in peace, knowing that my God is with me. On this narrow path that we Christians are destined to walk, God is guiding us along the whole way, step by step. When we stumble, God will stable us. When we fall, God will lift us up.

Thank You God for this blessed morning! Please, if you do not yet know our God, think about Him. There is a God and He loves us. I am proof of that. Every creation is proof of that; from when the sun rises to the setting sun; from the deepest depths of the oceans to the Heavens; There is a God, and He wants you to talk to Him! And if you have already accepted Him, may my simple devotion be an encouragement for you. Go and seek God, read His word daily, and you will be blessed with so much, beyond anything you could ever imagine!

God bless you,

– Joshua H Wu