Good morning everyone! It rained last night, and may rain today, but rain is good! It brings life and nourishment to all of God’s creation! How are you guys doing? Probably still sleeping :]

David is writing a song to God while fleeing from his enemies.

V 1-2

Selah- music

Many people persecute Christians; some may just ignore them, or jeer at them, but there are those who also actively seek to harm/kill the Christians. In America today, we are beginning to face a rising level of persecution, but it is still nothing compared to what our brothers and sisters face in other countries! We need to pray for them.

V 3-4

God is our protection. God is our strength, our courage. When we are down, even when we are treated worse than dirt by the people around us, God will sustain us. He hears our cries, He answers our prayers. God wants us to rely on Him and Him alone!

v 5-6

Even though David faces death from all sides he can still sleep, because he trusts in God’s promises. Why should we fear man, when the Lord is with us? The persecutors can take everything we own on this earth, but they will never be able to take away our salvation, the promise God has given us. They may beat us and persecute us, but rely on God, and He will get you through.

v 7

A cry, a prayer. God hears them all, and will answer when the time is right. God caused David’s enemies to stumble, to not be able to defeat David.

v 8

With God comes victory, against sin, against demons, against the devil. Again, why should we be afraid when the God of the universe loves us? We are His children, you can be sure He keeps His promises!