Hey! Good morning everyone? How is everyone doing? Thank God for this beautiful morning! When God gives me the strength to take time out of the day for Him, it really does change the day! Being reminded of God’s grace at every moment, I cannot ever thank Him enough.

V 1-3

fetters- "ropes"

In this chapter, David is writing to God. Why do nations and people rebel against God? Why do they gather and say, "Let us break their chains and throw off their fetters." What chains? What ropes are binding us as Christians? Nothing! Accepting Christ into my life has not only saved me from eternal damnation, but has also changed my life! If following Christ means to bind myself according to the world, then let me be bound to Christ! I have never been so comforted and truely happy knowing that our God is a living God. I can’t force a person to accept Christ, but by living for Christ and praying for the lost, I can set my life to be so different from the people of the world that they may come and ask why? And repent their sins to Christ.

It seems in these days, our society is turning worse and worse. The things that are seen on T.V., which are considered a norm now, are so filled with sin. And yet these people who sin say it is because they are free from the bondage of religion!

V 4-6

God laughs at the people’s attempt to go against His will, not because He is making fun of them; but it is like when a father laughs when he hears his young child boast about how he is stronger than his dad. No matter how technology advanced we are, how powerful our military is, we can never defeat God. He is omnipotent! Then God reminds us that He has sent Christ to die for our sins. Even though we may rebel against Him, God still loves us.

V 7-9

This is God’s words to David, that he will become a great king on the earth. For me, God promises this in a different light. As His children, I most likely will not gain the nations and the ends of the earth under my possession. But when I ask for God’s will to be done, He really gives me the ability to do what would be impossible to accomplish without God. Ask the Lord, to be His good and faithful servant, and He will give you what you need in serving Him.

V 10-12

The rulers of this earth are warned; all the people on earth are warned. Come to know God, the One who created us. Serve Him, surrender your life to Christ. Because when the time comes for our sins to be judged, which side do you want to be on? Those who accept Christ will be spared from the punishment of eternal death that we deserve for our sins. God has given you a choice, please make a wise decision.

Thank You God for giving me the strength to get up this morning. Lord, I want to be more consistent in my walk with You. I want to know You more, I want to serve You better. Please continue to break me, mold me, transform me into a man who is after Your own heart.