“V 1-3

Really, blessed is the man who does not stay in the company of the wicked or side with those who mock God. When I hang around friends who continue to live lives of sin, I really feel empty inside, and apart from them. God’s word is soothing, and calms my heart. Why do I not read it all the time? As God shapes me into the man He wants me to be, “fruits” are born. Whatever I do for God really does prosper!

V 4-5

The people who live in sin are like dust blown away in the wind. From what I see, this is true, such as their lives. They live for themselves, then die by themselves. They try and find happiness in the things of this world, but the happiness is short-lived and only temporary, so they begin to find more different ways to sin to satisfy their desires. If they do not come to know Christ, at the end of their life they will be judged for eternity. This is why we must be persistent in evangelizing!

V 6

When we ask Christ for guidance, He will give it. When I submit to God’s will and lift to Him my burdens and plans, He always comes through and surprises me with more than I ever could have asked for! Continueing to living in sin only leads to death.”


v 1

Blessed is the man who is:

1. Wise and Discerning

– pray for wisdom

.  > make sure always praying for this

– reading the Word

.  > read with brother or sister

.  > memorize verses

.  > keep each other accountable

– take advice from brothers or sisters while verifying with the Bible.

.  > ask questions

.  > talk to a person

.  > does not matter where they are in their relationship with God; God can use anyone.

2. Not Discouraging but Encouraging

– watch what we say

.  > see how to approach the person; cautious, wise.

.  > Don’t attack

– watch our actions

.  > make sure we live lives according to the Word

.  > Study the Word and applying it to our lives!

– encourage others

3. does not judge others.

– Think before we say

– Remember God’s grace

.  > we are not perfect

.  > They do not know what they are doing; we used to be like that too.

.  > Thank God daily for what He has done.