My testimony

.  Hello, my name is Joshua H Wu.  Since I was a little kid my parents would always take me to this Chinese church that they went to, and it was all so boring to me. While everyone was reading the Bible or singing songs of praise, I was usually off sleeping or daydreaming. The miracles Jesus did, David and Goliath, Joshua crumbling the towers of Jericho; I saw these as cool stories that taught good morals.

.  During middle school, around the time I was 11, my life started to change dramatically. My parent’s arguments were getting worse. Around this time my father’s work in America wasn’t going well, so the company he works for had him return back to Taiwan. My parents also made me switch over from the school I went to my whole life to a public school, because we had to save money. I was angry at them for this decision; I stopped studying because I didn’t see anymore reason for school. At the new school I was introduced to many new things, such as gangs, cursing, and also that nerds were smart people with glasses. My life began to be shaped by what other’s thought about me.  During this time I also started going to my old school’s church, because not only was it a place to hang out with my friends but also a place to get away from the problems back at home. In 2004 my family moved from Louisiana to California. Taken away from all my friends, and not having my dad around to cheer me up, I became very self-negative, I saw myself as a huge failure, and I hated my life. All I cared about at this point was my friends, they were the only thing left that I cared for. I also stopped going to church because I saw it as a waste of time.

.  In the beginning of 2007, out of nowhere, I suddenly fell in love with tennis. Up until that point I did not even care for this sport. It was as if something was urging me to play tennis. I started to practice tennis everyday for many hours, and while going to my cousin’s church one day, I learned that many of the guys at church played tennis, so I started to come more often. As I kept coming each week, I began to learn more about God and the way He is in my life. Eventually sometime in early 2008, I became excited to follow Him because of the joy He had brought me since I believed He was real. This was the wrong reason for believing in God, and I learned it the hard way. In Fall 2008, when school started and the stress started to build up, the time I spent with God began to grow less, until I stopped relying on Him for my strength and guidance. The goals I were trying to achieve began to fail, one by one. With all these failures I became more self-negative.

It was when my life had hit the very bottom, when I had nowhere else to find comfort in, God opened my eyes. By showing me how imperfect I was, I finally understood God’s love when He sent Jesus down to earth to die for all of the world’s sin. God loves me so such, that even though I am a sinner and will continue to sin because I’m not perfect, He still wants me to spend my eternity with Him. At some time in Spring of 2009, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I told Him that I believe in His son Jesus, what He did on earth, and that because I am a sinner, I do not deserve salvation, but by the grace of God, Jesus, I am saved.

.  Since accepting Christ, I have been able to do things that I would not have been able to if God was not in my life. I was able to finish my last year of high school with the highest grades that I had ever gotten because I was not working for my own goals but to glorify God through school. I have matured enough so much that when my family from Taiwan came to stay in America for vacation in August, my grandmother and aunt were able to notice how much I have changed from the immature person I was just a few years back. I was able to share my faith with many people, such as my family from Taiwan, random strangers I meet at school, and also Frank, who was my roommate for much of the summer because of God’s love for me, I want others to know of His joy.  I am able to put all my trust in God for my future, and that He will always provide. Now whenever I need wisdom or strength, I always come to seek His help in prayer and bible reading. I have also learned many new things after accepting Jesus. I learned that a relationship based on feeling is not a true relationship, but I have to constantly be striving for God, to rely on Him through the good and the bad times. I also learned that God does not want to be only a part of my life, He wants to be my life, and to constantly remind me of His love, I always remind myself through John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”  I still continue to face many problems, but each time I overcome one, whether it is with my family, friends, with my brothers in Christ, God has strengthened our relationship. God uses these struggles to mold me into the man He wants me to be.

.  Thank you God for all the people You have placed in my life, how each and every one of them has been a blessing to me. Thank you God for this church; for the people of EFCHH. Please continue to guide me in my walk with You, so that my faith will not waver, and that You would be the only thing that I strive for each and everyday. Thank You.