.  Yesterday I took a walk to a local park, then climbed to the top of the high hills, where I could see our city, and beyond, all the way to the high mountains in the back that reach into the clouds. It is times like these where we are able to appreciate God’s creation in all its glory, just all the different plants, all the animals, trees, the scenery. The air was so nice and cool, and it was quiet, peaceful up there. If I did not believe in God, I would still be in awe and wonder at each and every little thing on this earth; even the smallest of the ants have a purpose. Praise God for making each creation, no matter how big or small, each unique in their own characteristics. Up there you can truely see how gigantic the world is, just how small we actually are on the face of the earth.

.  Why are so many people chasing for fame and fortune when we are just so insignificant on this planet? What is the purpose of life without God? God loves each and everyone of us, none of us are lesser than another in His eyes. He created us so that we can worship Him, but worship does not only mean singing songs of praise or bowing down and praying. When we enjoy the things God created for us, and thank Him, that is praise. When we are happy, God is happy to. He delights in seeing His creation enjoying themselves on the earth He created for them. Where is God in our lives now? Slowly, the society continues to lose sight of God; everyone begins to worship other things.

.  God, I pray for everyone who still does not understand just how awesome You are, the love You give to us. Once we have accepted Your grace and repent, our life change, this feeling of love, thanks, and joy, it is amazing. Thank You God for all that You have done in my life, for creating the universe, the heavens and the earth. Thank You for all the times in my life You have kept me away from harm, led me back on the right path when I started to fall out of line. Last but not least, thank You for the grace You have given to us, that we do not deserve. God, You are my life, I will love You forever with this indescribable feeling of joy. Thank You.