.  I would like to share a dream with you that I had during the night. Before I went to sleep, I asked God if He could tell me what I need to do. The dream goes like this:

.  I was at Rowland High school, going to this one class, I forgot which one it was. These 3 girls from Rowland are also in the same classroom. When we go hangout during break (or was it lunch) The 3 girls would always try and kiss me; they would get really close to my face, like really close. This would go on for a while in my dream, with each and everyday the girls would do the same thing. Eventually one day they were doing the same exact thing, when someone bumped into either me or the girl (I don’t remember) and the playful, taunting kiss became a real kiss when it fell on my lips. Nearing the end of my dream I would begin longing to see her everyday so that I could kiss her again. I had this great feeling of love for her. Then somewhere here I woke up and my dream ended.

.  I don’t know if this dream was from God or not, but here is my interpretation; During life we will become tempted with many things: wealth, fame, and women. These temptations will always be here around us, and it is up to us to stay away from these temptations, or else, like I was in the dream, after I enjoyed that moment of sin I continuously longed for more of it. We would gradually be pulled into the sin, and fall away from living our lives for God. If this was a dream from God, then he is warning me to stay away from temptation, in this case, women. If this was a real event in life, would I be like the Joshua in the dream and to continuously brush lightly against sin, eventually to the point where I was indulging in the sin. Or would I be able to push the temptation away, to not even get near the source of temptation? I pray God would give me the strength to always fight against temptations of the world.

.  To not sin at all is to first get rid of all sources of temptations to sin.

.  Hope you guys had an interesting read! When I dream, I see myself from a third person view. In my dreams, I have no control, I just see what the me in the dream does. Sometimes he does what is right, others he is not the person that I would ever imagine myself to be. From now on when I have a dream, I will have my voice recorder nearby so I can record everything while it is fresh in my mind. Now onto my devotions!