The Purpose Driven Life Day 7:  “It’s all for Him.”

.  How do we bring glory to God? For one thing, we can worship Him through songs and praises to Him. Whenever and whereever, we can always give praises through prayer, we do not have to close our eyes and bow down on our knees. Thank Him for all the blessings He has given to you in life, and also for the blessing He will continue to give you throughout your life. We can also glorify God by loving our fellow brother and sisters in Christ, as well as the non-believers, so that through our love they may some day come to know Jesus. So what does this all mean? We were all created for God ,to glorify Him. When we begin to understand this, we start to place God as our top priorities in life. As we learn more about God and spend more time with Him, through devotions,  our everyday lives become more and more meaningful.  And most of all, after we have accepted Jesus, we should entrust our life to Him. From here on we trust God to take us where He wants, and the choices we make are decided by asking Him through prayer. Live your life for God, and you will find joy in everything you do.

How can I become more aware of God’s glory?

.  Look around and see creation for what it is. When the birds chirp, when the weather is nice, think of the one who has created all of this for us. When we thank God for something He had done in our lives that day, we become more aware of just how awesome our God is.