.  This world is not our home. We were not meant to settle down here. From Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life Day 6, life is a temporary assignment. Why are we so attached to things on Earth? There is no reason for it, as God has a greater purpose for us after death on Earth. I hope many of us realize this, but for those who haven’t, ponder the question, “What is the purpose of life?”. We were created to glorify God and love His creations, and Earth is just a temporary place for us before we go on to our real home, Heaven. If we think of Earth as just a temporary assignment, how should that change the way we live right now? Well, for starters, we should be living our lives to glorify God, to read the Bible more and learn more about Him. We are also here to tell others about Jesus, just how much He has done for us.

.  Life is temporary, do not get attached to worldly things, but live your life to glorify God.