A powerful song of a mother’s prayer for her daughter

Lyrics: http://www.songlyrics.com/keith-and-kristyn-getty/mother-s-prayer-lyrics/

Powerful song, great reminder of the magnitude of my sin against God, and the price He paid in order to ransom it. Thank You.

Lyrics: http://www.worshiptogether.com/songs/songdetail.aspx?iid=561007

C: Last prophecy to John, to any prophets

O: 16 Jesus sends his angel to give this prophecy to John to testify to the churches. Jesus is the descendant, the promised Savior. What does bright Morning star mean? “Light of salvation to all (NIVSB).”

17 The Spirit, bride (the church), everyone who hears, anyone who desires to may come and partake in this free gift of eternal life.

M: Jesus is the promised Savior from Genesis 3 that will crush the head of the serpent. Anyone who wishes may come and receive freely the gift of eternal life and salvation from sin.

A: Tell others about Jesus

  • He is the Savior who has come
  • - Anyone who hears may freely receive the gift of life
  • - Apart from the Gospel, men are still dead in their sins

Abba Father, You are the Root and Offspring of Daivd, the Morning Star that leads Your people home. Father, I confess that I do not adore You enough to proclaim Your name, thank You that despite my sin You freely give salvation through Your Son Jesus’ righteousness. By Him alone am I saved. Give Your servant the wisdom and courage to proclaim You today.

In one of those moments I had wanted to walk away from God, this song reminded me that God loves me so much that:

He allows me to go through suffering to know Him more.

He is the best thing I have found, and will ever find.

“I thought I was depressed, You showed me how much more I was blessed.”

Got to visit FCBCLA today, it’s my summer roommate’s church, a really encouraging brother whom God has placed in my life during my bouts with depression. Today was a bit special, so I will probably need to visit again to get a feel of the church. Also, God gave the courage and opened the door to spend time with my cousin in reading and studying His Word together! I ask for prayer, that God would continue to pique his interest in eternal things, revealing to us our sin and need for the Savior.

The sermon was only 15 minutes long, but really spoke to me as I am currently praying for which church to commit to and serve my coming senior year at UCLA. Also, today was their annual men’s ministry BBQ (awesome burgers!) and had a college event at a brother’s house, got to hear the testimonies of a brother and two sisters, one going through depression as I am, another sharing about her teaching english experience overseas (something I am planning to do after graduating!), and also a high school friend sharing about God’s sovereignty in bringing her to an unwanted choice for  college.

Sermon Notes:

Topic: If I want to be like Jesus…

1. Be a servant, not a consumer

- It’s not about what I get, but what am I giving?

“How am I being a servant” vs. “what am I getting out of this situation?”

2. Own your giftedness (1 Peter 4:10, as each received a special gift…)

- God has given each of us a gift, use it to edify His church (Music, encouragement, exercise, etc.)

- God will ask us “What did you do with the gift I gave you?

3. Pay it forward (Hebrews 5:12-14, every Christian ought to be a teacher/mentor to younger Christian at some point.)

- There is expectation for all of us to be teachers of God, not necessarily classroom teaching.

- Invest in others


Today’s sermon, though short, has changed my perspective in seeking out which church to attend this coming year. Instead of “What does this church offer me?” Jesus challenges me to instead ask “Where can I serve God best?” Really, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Will probably visit FCBCLA one more time, praying about it!

Churches to consider for senior year:


- Has a on-campus ministry that I may serve at. Many opportunities, such as STM.

- Close by, may invite friends to, also fellowship during the week with believers.


- Would be one of the younger Christians, many older godly examples to learn the Christian life from.

- Would be able to continue serving at KCCC since they do not have an on campus fellowship.

- Also pretty close by, 30 minutes. A great network of (many!) older brothers and sisters to plug in seekers and young Christians.


- Would be one of the older Christians, many people already to invest and love.

- Years of relationships, many people have invested in my life.

- Would be serving in the core group.

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